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Welcome to Dance Your Life

Embark on a journey of self-exploration, meeting dancers of all kinds.

Transform your reality by moving consciously, guided by the music,

the magic of the group, and the suggestions of a fellow traveller.

Enter a world of imagination, eclectic melodies, and depth.

Dare to dream a different reality.

Follow your rhythm.


Meet Alda

Hello, I'm Alda, creator of DYL

I've been engaged in therapeutic movement for over 15 years, and I've used dance as a tool for transformation most of my life. DYL was born from my passion and my commitment to spread joy, healing, and self-discovery through the art of therapeutic dance. DYL is an offering based on my experience and knowledge as a psychotherapist, and my encounter with dance as a tool for profound change. Join me in the conscious dance space!

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Dance Your Story, Embrace Your Essence


Welcome to a transformative journey where your body's wisdom become your guide. I believe that each person holds infinite healing abilities, waiting to be unleashed. With Dance Your Life, whether you're a dancer or a first-time mover, I will skilfully guide you to express your truth through movement. We will all create a sacred space, where you can learn about yourselfrelease emotional blockages, and transform your reality.


Dance Your Life (DYL) is not just about following a choreography; it's about your expression, your exploration of your body, mind, and soul through movement. Unlike other forms of dance, there are no rigid rules, no shoes, or steps to follow. Instead, it's a free-flowing, accepting practice that allows you to express yourself authentically in a safe and supportive space.


Rediscover the childlike wonder and playfulness that resides within you. Release the weight of the world and embrace the freedom of dancing barefoot in the Dance Your Life events. Join us for a unique experience that celebrates the beauty of being alive, in tune with nature, and deeply connected with your truest self. 

Influences of Dance Your Life

The main influences of DYL are as follows:


Dance of Awareness

This is the core influence for DYL, and incorporates elements of 5 Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Developmental Psychology, and Neo- Reichian Body Psychotherapy, among others. DYL follows the Dance of Awareness' structure and core principles, with stages of charge and discharge in the experience.



Epigenetics is a fascinating field of study within genetics that explores how gene expression can be influenced and modified by factors beyond changes in the DNA sequence itself. It reveals that your genes are not solely determined by your inherited genetic code, but can also be influenced by environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and experiences.



Biodanza has inspired some of the exercises suggested in DYL. Biodanza, created by a Chilean psychologist, Rolando Toro, is a unique and holistic system of human development that uses dance, music, and authentic human connection to promote emotional healing, self-expression, and personal growth.



Self-awareness is the conscious and introspective understanding of one's thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and the overall sense of self. Cultivating self-awareness allows you to gain insights into your patterns of behaviour, make informed choices, and develop a deeper connection with your authentic self, fostering personal growth, emotional intelligence, and enhanced self-reflection.


Dance Movement Therapy

DMT is a therapeutic approach that harnesses the power of movement and dance to promote emotional, physical, and psychological healing and growth. In DMT sessions, individuals or groups are guided through creative movement exercises, allowing them to explore and express their emotions, thoughts, and experiences.


Energy Psychotherapy

Energy psychotherapy is a holistic and innovative therapeutic approach that integrates traditional psychotherapy techniques with principles from energy medicine. It recognizes that the human body has an energetic system, and correcting its imbalances can result in enhanced physical and mental health, and spiritual connection. Alda is an energy psychotherapist.

"I was at an ecstatic dance retreat last weekend and in the two hours of Dance Your Life, I got as much as at that retreat. I never thought I would go that deep."

Wendy, Devon, UK

Stages of the Dance

Dance Your Life consists of six stages, each with different melodies, themes, and opportunities for transformation.



From oneness to the miracle of being born, you travel from energy form into physical matter. Exploration of bodily sensations, and feeling alive.


Social Norms

You are restricted by the laws of your internalised tribe/ family. As you dance in a new tribe, you are invited to release the trapped energy in your body, shedding the limitations of old rules and embracing newfound freedom in movement.



As you make the first steps and stand up, you discover the art of being supported and supporting others through conscious movement.



Enter a more authentic community, where you'll dance with a newfound sense of self and a deeper connection with others in the world. Discover your tribe and leave your unique prints on Earth, creating an internal new tapestry of belonging and self-expression


Ego Faces

You express whatever might emerge, embracing all parts of yourself, even the ones you may not typically value, as you allow your physical body to be your guiding compass in this expressive dance



Learning to let go of everything that was created, embracing the wisdom of loss and endings, you complete your transformative journey, returning to the sacred state of oneness.

How Does It Work

Dance Your Life is a conscious dance practice. Deeply influenced by Dance of Awareness, the essence of the dance consists of becoming more aware acquainted with your truest self. Dance Your Life is a holistic approach to physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It provides a safe and non-judgmental space where you can express yourself, accepting all the different aspects of your personality, and allowing you to release emotional tension. You will be invited to move in a particular way, creating opportunities for new experiences. From the field of epigenetics, we know that new experiences match with strong affect reactions can result in new neuropathways. This means that while you are having a strong emotional experience (like feeling on top of the world) and experiencing something new (such as a feeling of belonging), a new imprint will be created in your brain, telling you belonging and feeling on top of the world are possible in your life.

What you believe to be possible, you can manifest. Besides, dancing in a group fosters a profound sense of community and connection with others. Engaging in dance together creates a shared experience that promotes social bonding and empathy. Community is one of the oldest healing tools that humanity has invented. We wouldn't be alive in prehistoric times if we didn't group together and cooperate.


Dance Your Life teaches you, without boring lessons, while you are having fun, how to create a supportive and inclusive community where you can feel at home, develop meaningful connections with like-minded souls, and build a network of support that can extend beyond the dance space into various aspects of life.

Who Can Participate

Dance Your Life is open to everyone, regardless of dance background or skill level. It's not about perfection; it's about the pure delight of moving freely and authentically. Come as you are, and let the dance guide you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Don't miss this opportunity to dance barefoot and experience the transformative power of movement. Reserve your spot today and embark on a joy-filled journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and liberation.

Join Our DYL Community

Become part of a vibrant and supportive community of dancers who understand the transformative power of barefoot movement. Each session offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, celebrate life, and nurture a deep sense of belonging.

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I loved the dance session with Alda.  It was fun and enjoyable; a safe and relaxing place and I loved the music.  The loose structure for the session that Alda suggested really worked for me; and within it I could dance my own dance and sometimes dance with others.  I enjoyed experiencing parts of myself that surprised me, such as the part that wanted to dance alone sometimes. It was a relief for me to realise that that was OK. Thank you Alda, such a lovely opportunity


The  music was fabulous and nourishing. I loved the piano - I think it was Einaudi, at the very beginning, and it was just brilliant to hear music from other cultures, and their instruments and rhythms. The music made for an experience that helped mend a sense in me of being closed down and withheld from the world, from COVID and lockdowns- the global nature of the music selection created a sense of delight in me at “being back” - connected, responsive to, and involved in the world, beyond within the workshop and my own journey in the time in the class.


If you have ever wondered how it might be possible to combine the joy of free dance to good music, along with a deeper personal journey, in a supported environment, then dance your life with Alda might be your answer. It’s great that something so enjoyable can also be therapeutic - try it and see!


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