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Dance Your Life Events

Upcoming Dance Journeys

Welcome to the exciting world of Dance Your Life! We have regular monthly events and special journeys at different times in the year. In this page, you can scroll down and explore where you can start your Dance Your Life experience. If we are not close to your area, and you would like to organise a workshop close by, contact Alda. She will be happy to discuss the details and, if possible, create a fantastic experience in your location.

Regular Events

Our regular monthly journeys take place in the beautiful facilities of the Alphington Village Hall, at a short walk from Marsh Barton recently open train station, and with an excellent parking area. The dance generally takes place on the 3rd Saturday of the month, please check the times below, as this might change for some months. For information about the payment, please scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find my Revolut QR code, or you can contact me (Alda) and I will send you my bank details. This is the information for our regular events:

Time: 10am-12pm (Warmups at 9:45am)
Venue: Alphington Village Hall, Ide Lane, Alphington EX2 8UP
Cost: £12 (early bird a week before); £14 (afterwards)

Dates and Themes for the Regular Dance Journeys in 2024

Sunday 12th May - See below "Special Events"

Saturday, 18th May - Blossoming Beyond Fear

Saturday, 1st June - Unveil Your True Self (Cancelled due to tai chi event)

Saturday, 13th July - Be Shameless! Balance yin and yang!

Saturday, 31st August - Embracing Joy

Saturday, 21st September - Steps Towards Your True Purpose

Saturday, 19th October - Calling Your Soul Home

Saturday, 15th November - Ancestral Alchemy

Saturday, 7th December - Gratitude in the Mirror

Special Events

Every now and then, Alda offers other events in different countries, in festivals or other occasions. Below you will see the next special events planned for 2024:


Date: Sunday, 12th May

Time: 3:30-4:30pm
Venue: Exeter Phoenix, Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS
Cost: Free

This festival is part of the celebrations to open Mental Health Awareness week in 2024 with the theme connected to movement.


Date: Sunday, 25th March

Time: 11am-3:30pm (Lunch break for 30 minutes)
Venue: TBC
Cost: €45

For more information about this event, and payment details, please visit the dedicated webpage for the event. Click here.

Payment Details

There are different ways of paying for the dance. You can either pay in advance, and very often avail of an early bird discount, or you can pay at the door with cash or card. To pay in advance, you can either contact Alda via email and ask for her bank details, or pay via the following Revolut QR code. Please contact Alda anyway to make sure there are spaces available before you make a payment.

Join Our DYL Community

Become part of a vibrant and supportive community of dancers who understand the transformative power of barefoot movement. Each session offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, celebrate life, and nurture a deep sense of belonging.

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I love Alda’s Dance Your Life workshops. She holds the space very gently and  takes us on a journey through a theme with just enough guidance to inspire. I enjoy having an invitation that I can interpret and own myself.  Every time I dance with Alda, it’s a deeply impactful and insightful experience


I always look forward to attending a dance your life workshop as it makes me feel in the flow of life.It is a safe place to relax and enjoy movement, while also letting emotions come up and out of myself naturally. I always feel relaxed and have more energy afterwards.Thankyou Alda for the time and thought that go into these sessions


Dance your life is a challenge to accept that transformation and realisation can come through marrying physical movement, intention and openness to change - it is something of a surprise that such processes can be joyous and fun as well as profound


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