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Dance Your Life in Dublin

What is Dance Your Life

Dance Your Life is a conscious, barefoot dance with therapeutic effects. In Dance Your Life, a wave with six clear stages is offered to explore different aspects of your life, with the aim of learning about yourself, and transforming your reality in an organic way. The stages are: Birth, Relationships, Ego Faces, Social Norms, Community and Death.

Exercises are suggested to be danced individually, in pairs or in groups and make the most of the experiences in each stage. This can potentially lead to self-awareness, healing of wounds, insight, or simply empowering your dance expression. The exercises are an invitation and nothing is compulsory or forced in the dance. Dance Your Life aims at opening a safe space where you can communicate with your body and its needs, and dance just that.


Theme - Mysteries and Enigmas

The theme for the Dublin Event is Mysteries and Enigmas. This is because a strong component of Dance Your Life is that it includes dancing spiritual aspects of your humanity. In this event, you will explore the idea of being a spiritual being with a physical body. You will dance the mystery of before and after death, being born, synchronicities, finding support, and trusting the magic of life. You will be invited to express your full potential, letting your soul drive you, to let go of anything that is not in accord with your true nature and constricts you, and to celebrate the enigma of unconditional love in a like-minded community before preparing to surrender to the divine in the last breaths.

Your Facilitator

Mª Alda Gomez Otero

Alda started her personal development dancing journey over 15 years ago when a friend invited her to go to a biodanza workshop. Since then, she has danced with different facilitators in diverse forms of barefoot dance, including biodanza, movement medicine, five rhythms, ecstatic dance. She also experienced dance movement therapy, and  gained a qualification as a Dance of Awareness facilitator in 2021.

With a lifelong passion for dance, personal development and spiritual connection, she created Dance Your Life to include all of these elements. Energy healing tools are also present in every workshop.

Alda lived in Ireland for nearly 15 years, and her heart is deeply connected to Dublin. This is why she has decided to bring this new modality of dance to her old home.

Originally from Spain, at present, she lives in Devon, UK. The music for the dance is inspired in different cultures and worlds.

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Saturday, 25th March

10am - 12:30pm
at St. Kevins Community Centre, 45 Bloomsfield Av., Portobello, D08 X2E7

Pay at the Door


For more info, contact Alda.

Mob: 00 44 7437 332032

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